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The Longer Self-Determined Life

Swiss Life actively contributes towards familiarising society with the challenges of longevity and supporting its customers to structure their pension provision accordingly. In addition, Swiss Life provides its employees with a working environment suitable for any stage of life, thus giving them the option to work for longer.

Since November 2016, a “longer self-determined life” has been the guiding communication theme of Swiss Life and part of its corporate strategy. It is a hot topic, as average life expectancy in Europe has risen since 1950 from 70 to just over 80. It also keeps rising – by two to three years every decade. The ageing society is causing a fundamental shift in the social and economic coordinate system. Its implications are insufficiently accounted for in almost all areas of life. That is why Swiss Life is raising public awareness of this issue and calling for solutions to its concomitant challenges.

Stay self-determined

As a pensions and financial services provider, Swiss Life enables people to achieve financial security. Swiss Life helps its customers to identify potential risks and income gaps at an early stage and to make provisions for them, so they can enjoy a longer life through self-determination and financial independence. Moreover, Swiss Life is a strong advocate of financial literacy. Someone who understands the intricacies of finance, after all, is better placed to make the right decisions when providing for a longer life.

Live longer, work accordingly

The whole concept of work needs an overhaul to reflect increased life expectancy. Swiss Life actively promotes cooperation among the generations to allow young and old to enter into dialogue and learn from each other. Training and development as well as opportunities to promote and maintain their health are available to employees of all ages. What is more, Swiss Life offers flexible working models to facilitate the compatibility of the professional and private spheres and provide adequate scope for recuperation. These conditions are conducive to keeping employees working well, motivated and healthy and able to deliver optimal performance during every phase of their life.

Learn more

The Swiss Life Group operates a digital knowledge platform on swisslife.com/hub, with a differentiated and varied approach to such issues as longevity, demographic change and self-determination.