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CEO Foreword

Swiss Life produces the Corporate Responsibility Report to show how it understands the term corporate responsibility and implements the concept in practice. Corporate responsibility applies to business operations, the role of Swiss Life as an employer and its responsibility to society and the environment. The reporting corresponds to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Ladies and gentlemen,

In 2017 we continued down the road of corporate responsibility. Following the major innovations of the last two years – the orientation to the GRI in 2015 and the integration of additional content in 2016 – the steps taken in 2017 were equally important, even if they attracted less coverage. A cross-divisional project group worked on the subject of “ecology and sustainability”, and laid the groundwork for including it in our CR framework. Our goal is to identify potential in the areas of investment, real estate and operational ecology and to translate that potential into specific measures where possible. As a result, we have enhanced our core team, which advances corporate responsibility themes operationally, with representatives of the asset management division.

We believe taking corporate responsibility also means subjecting our own actions to continuous critical scrutiny. In addition to reporting to external stakeholder groups, we also give our employees a chance to participate and let us know whether they are motivated by the work environment we have created. In everything we do, after all, we rely on the skill and engagement of our staff. In the year under review – as we do every two years – we carried out a Group-wide Employee Survey. The results are pleasing, with 86% of our employees assessing themselves as engaged and a full 44% as very engaged. This is well above the average for the European financial industry and tells us that we must be doing something right in our role as a responsible employer.

In our core business, life and pensions, our employees contribute directly to society. With our help, people are able to protect themselves against risk and take precautions so that they can lead their lives in as self-determined a manner as possible at every age. That is our raison d’être.

Patrick Frost