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The Swiss Life Group’s 2017 financial year at a glance

Business overview — The Swiss Life made further operational progress in 2017: Adjusted profit from operations increased by 5% to CHF 1475 million and net profit rose by 9% to CHF 1013 million. All units developed positively and increased their contribution to the result. The fee business was a significant factor in the good results: fee income rose by 8% in local currency to CHF 1480 million, driving the fee result to CHF 442 million or 11% over the previous year. Swiss Life posted a 6% rise in premiums in local currency to CHF 18.6 billion in 2017. Insurance reserves to the benefit of the company’s policyholders rose by 4% in local currency. In proprietary asset management Swiss Life earned direct investment income of CHF 4.3 billion. The direct investment yield was 2.8%; the net investment yield stood at 2.5%. In its third-party business, Swiss Life Asset Managers posted net new assets of CHF 7.1 billion. It had CHF 61.4 billion in third-party assets under management at the end of 2017, an increase of 24%.

Markets — In Switzerland, France and Germany, Swiss Life offers individuals and corporations comprehensive and individual advice plus a broad range of own and partner products through its sales force and distribution partners such as brokers and banks. The Swiss Life Select, Tecis, Horbach, Proventus and Chase de Vere advisors choose suitable products for customers from the market according to the Best Select approach. Swiss Life Asset Managers offers institutional and private investors access to investment and asset management solutions. Swiss Life provides multinational corporations with employee benefits solutions and high net worth individuals with structured life and pensions products. The Group also comprises the subsidiaries Livit, Corpus Sireo and Mayfair Capital.

Staff — Approximately 8000 employees and 5000 certified financial advisors were working for the Swiss Life Group worldwide at the end of 2017.

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